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Why Take A Copy of your Data

To most people computers seem very reliable.  They do the job that you require, rapidly and efficiently.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  Computers frequently go wrong, in many different ways, any of which could lose all your data if you do not have a valid copy.

Types of Copy
There are several styles of backup available on the market.
1. Same drive Backup

A large hard drive is partitioned to give two smaller drives.  A process called "mirroring" is used so that when the data changes on one drive it is instantly changed on the other drive.  This is cheap and totally automatic.  It however has two problems.  Firstly, if you accidentally delete or corrupt a file, the backup file will be instantly deleted or corrupted.  Secondly if the hard drive fails both the live data and the backup are lost. 

2. Remote backup services

In these you are provided with a piece of software that copies your data to a remote location.  These systems generally take only one copy and overwrite it when you make a fresh copy.  There are two problems with this method.  Firstly, if your system corrupts while you are making a copy, both your system and the backup are corrupted. Secondly, it is tricky to restore your data because the backup is held by a third party, making the restore process very slow.

3. Tape Backups.

In this type a copy of the data is written to a tape cartridge.  Assuming you use several tapes then the system is effective.  The problems are that recovery is slow, tapes are notorious for going wrong and are very expensive.


John's Software - Data Backup Utility

Our system uses a 4th method which is not only professional but very efficient. 

The system allows you to make backups on up to two drives that are separate from the drives being backed up.

Backups are not overwritten until the a new backup has been created.

The system produces a series of small zip files.  This makes restoration quick and easy.

The software controls disk space on the backup drive.  It deletes old backups to ensure that you always have enough space for new ones.

It uses cheap USB drives to hold the backup.

It is started by clicking on a desktop icon.

It can be scheduled to run automatically.

One of the backups can be sent over a VPN to a remote location or written to a separate USB drive and taken off site.

Ideal for both home Users and Companies of all sizes.


Try Before You Buy

John's Software - Data Backup Utility is available on a free 30 day demo system.

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